Quran Memorization

Tahfeez ul Quran

The Hifz course is dedicated towards the memorization of the entire Holy Qur’an leading to certification as “Hafiz al-Qur’an”.  Students are prepared to become upright citizens who can:

1. Pursue advanced educational studies

2. Teach the art of Qur’anic memorization to children and adults
3. Lead the congregational Salah
4. Lead the Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan

Requirements for graduation include:

1. Complete memorization of the Qur’an
2. Knowledge and implementation of the rules of Tajweed
3. Knowledge of the introductory Fiqh of 'Ibadah (i.e. Wudhu, Salah, etc). The Hifz coursework is simultaneously completed with secondary school studies.

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